The hacker process explained in Hacker game

To explain the hacker process to “normal” people, Cyber ​​Inc. has has helped students from both the Amsterdam University of applied sciences and the ROC of Amsterdam to create the “Hacker game” security awareness training. Research into the subject of security awareness training showed that there was a great need for security awareness. At the same time, it turned out that the motivation and appreciation of awareness training is low among employees. This is because many training courses are too technical, cost too much time and the majority of employees are not interested in all those technical measures. It also had to be a game / training that can be played by both IT Nerds and digital players.

Make your employees resilient against cyber attacks

Time and again it appears that companies do not have their security measures in order. This means they are at the mercy of their employees’ attention. To improve this, knowledge is needed and motivation to gain this knowledge. To motivate employees to follow cyber security training, we want to do the hacker game, while they are already being trained a little by the game. Participants in the hacker game imagine themselves in the world of cyber crime. As participants, they playfully hack a company without the need for technical knowledge.

“It was fantastic to create something together with the students from the Amsterdam University of applied sciences and the ROC of Amsterdam.”


We had the game board designed by Deedylicious. The participants follow the steps hackers follow to reach their goal. Through the app, participants receive questions and assignments that provide the necessary discussion and strategic choices. Groups play, against other groups or individually.

The hacker process leads you through the hacker game

Hacker game is a security awareness training, in which the participants step into the shoes of a hacker. As a hacker, they must try to steal data while the game guides them through the hacking process.

Anyone can follow the hacker process

Companies can “play” the hacker game by department, with the entire company or even against other companies. For maximum impact with many participants, we make groups of 5 that play together against other groups. The number of participants does not limit the game and can even be played at multiple locations at the same time.

Serious game with a game board and tablet

To play the game, participants need knowledge of playing board games. The game can be played by participants without any knowledge of IT and security. It can also be played if participants have this. The game adapts to the level. The serious game consists of a game board with pawns and a tablet. The game board guides the participants through the hackers process. And the app gives participants questions and assignments. The app is available on every laptop, tablet and smartphone. Hacker game is a training. The trainer provides guidance for the group or groups. It is also possible to play the game in-house after a train the trainer session. As a result, you can use it at your own discretion.

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