Dutch Human Factor in Security Award 2019

HackShield has been voted the winner of the dutch Human Factor in Security Award 2019. According to the jury, the HackShield Future Cyber ​​Heroes project was the most inspiring for people working on security awareness programs within their organisation.

After examining sixteen entries, the jury nominated three. In addition to HackShield, those were ‘Awareness 2.0’ from De Volksbank and ‘In the footsteps of the cyber criminal’ from The Hague University. The Dutch Human Factor in Security Award 2019 was presented during the third seminar of the year on the theme ‘Measuring, Knowing and Improving’, organised by Security Awareness NL.

Security Awareness NL Seminar

During the seminar, Richard Verbrugge, who works at CISO Awareness ABN Amro, spoke about linking various systems and using these metrics for awareness activities. And Rick van der Kleij, from TNO and The Hague University of Applied Sciences, spoke about research into cyber secure behaviour at financial institutions. This is followed by the award ceremony for the Dutch Human Factor in Security Award 2019. Three finalists were allowed to pitch their entry before the award took place. The challenge was to create a security awareness initiative that makes people more resilient and makes society safer.

Dutch Human Factor in Security Award 2019 entries

The entries were ABN Amro with ‘GreenLight’, BeveiligMij with ‘Security Awareness Zero Measurement’, bol.com with ‘Security Fundamentals – What the hack?’, CIP government with ‘Crisisgame’, Cybersafety4U with ‘ Cyber ​​safari in the Information Jungle, De Volksbank with ‘Awareness 2.0’, Escape room Designer with ‘Escape Room Cyber ​​Security’, ‘The Hague University with’ In the footsteps of the cyber criminal ‘,’ HackShield with ‘HackShield Future Cyber ​​Heroes’, Ipse de Bruggen with ‘Break-In Room’, ‘KPN with’ Kids Cyber ​​Day ‘, KwadrantGroep with’ Toolkit AVG ‘, MG Books Media with’ Cyberquiz for SMEs ‘, NDC media groep with’ CCampagne huisregels NDC ‘, Privacy1 with’ Hack the Room ! ‘ and Securitas with ‘Het Nieuwe Beveiligen’.

Cyber Inc. did not participate in the competition with any of the products and initiatives. As a company, we strongly encourage other companies whose security awareness is not their core business to participate. We are therefore also satisfied with the top 3 and congratulate Hackshield on their victory

Security Awareness NL

Security Awareness NL offers a professional platform for now more than 800 members. The aim of further developing security awareness in the Netherlands and thereby reinforcing each other. Knowledge and experiences about security awareness and influencing behaviour are shared with each other. Online via the LinkedIn group ‘Security Awareness NL‘ and offline through seminars, debate evenings and round table discussions. Previous activities included a seminar on security awareness and gaming, a debate evening with an expert panel on the state of the art and the development of a manifesto.

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