About Cyber Inc. awareness training

Our staff offer unconventional, but highly effective training modules to traditional challenges.

There had to be more focus on communication, motivation of the participants and an ongoing program. Due to the lack of one of these three points, most programs at organizations failed. I have Cyber ​​Inc. founded because I thought that security and privacy awareness training had to be tackled completely differently.

The higher the motivation, the greater the learning effect.

I believe that people only want to learn something if they are motivated to learn. The trick is to continuously pay attention to this motivation. Also during learning The more active you are during learning, the greater the learning effect, the higher the motivation. We try to achieve this with natural interventions in our training courses. We stimulate brain activity through cooperation, stress, fun, competition, exercise, etc. This not only increases the learning effect, it also ensures that this can be achieved in a shorter time. And more important, the awareness is measurably improved.

Specialised in behavioural change

Cyber ​​Inc. specialises in behavioural change and knowledge transfer of information security, privacy and compliance. With solutions that actively stimulate learning, we offer a high-quality awareness training program and learning experiences that increase knowledge, change behaviour and support cultural change. Our approach is recognised by customers in almost every industry, from SMEs to multinationals.

We are passionate about our work, which is reflected in the quality of our training programs, serious games, workshops and the pleasure of our customers.

Alain Rees, Director and founder of Cyber Inc.

We imagine a world where everyone, anywhere, can transform their lives by gaining access to the best learning experience in the world.

A Few Words About us

Every member of the Cyber Inc team strongly believes that empowerment of knowledge leads to behavioural change.

Professional staff

We enjoy our work and working with the various skillsets and personalities within the team.

time is precious

We recognise the busy schedules of employees and offer online training modules that fit their schedule.

Clear timetable

You will receive the planning of your training program upfront, to fit your planning and needs


The learning community is provided with extra knowledge through webinars. For this we invite guest speakers to tell their story or to share tips and tricks.