Cyber Emergency Game: Your Team Can Make the Difference

Cyber Emergency game
Serious game

We hadden zoveel plezier in deze pubquiz. Het was een geluk dat er iemand in ons team was die veel juiste antwoorden had. Ik heb veel geleerd en gelachen.

Fabienne Guillou
  • 90 minutes
  • 5 - 50 participants

Cyber Emergency game

Game description

In the middle of a meeting the organisation is startled by a phone call from a hacker. They claim to be in possession of all data: data from customers, suppliers and employees are in their possession. And they demand half a million bitcoins within an hour. What has to happen? What are you going to do? Who are involved?

What can you expect

During the serious game all kinds of questions come into mind, to which an answer must be found quickly. The hackers are probably watching, so be careful how you act on the computers. A hefty jammer in the meantime puts pressure on it from a completely different direction. Customers are starting to notice that something is wrong.

  • Who should participate in such a crisis team? Director, Communications, HR, IT, privacy officer, insurance, controller
  • Respond, that journalist is not waiting for your investigation
  • Is there a scenario for a cyber attack?
  • Cyber security is not just IT, it is not
  • There is something for everyone with a huge range of questions throughout the rounds.


This serious game can be played by everyone. After all, the cyber crisis can happen anywhere. In addition, it helps employees to think about their actions and to take responsibility in a cyber emergency situation. Of course this game is also suitable for practicing a situation with the crisis team and those involved. Due to the nature of the game, it is also possible to play this with different companies, such as industry associations, business clubs, etc.

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