Deception: Investigate the data breach with your team

Serious game
  • 30 - 45 minutes
  • 15 - 150.000 participants

We ourselves have supervised the security game: Deception. With this game we went to all departments for the kick-off of our security awareness program. What nice responses we have received. Thank you!

Marcia Maarschalk
Security Officer

The Security Awareness Game

Game Description

In this clue-like game there is a data breach and the press got a taste of it. Everyone is suspicious. You and your team play the role of digital investigators. We need you to get to the bottom of this. Find out who did it, what was the motive, and, especially, how did it happen? The reputation of the organization rises at stake. 

What can you expect

Deception is an interactive and exciting game, that is played against other teams. The game is perfect to playfully bring security awareness to the attention of the employees. To Playing Deception requires a smartphone or tablet per team. A team consists of 3 to 5 participants. In addition, there is the option of multiple sessions, so you can organize a kind of competition.

  • Introduction to security awareness
  • Discuss security topics with others
  • Fun way to kickstart or spice up your security awareness program

Prior Knowledge

This security awareness game provides an introduction to the fields of security and privacyEmployees will gain an understanding of what is involved in a data breach, including the stress and finger pointingEmployees will also learn from other team members as they share their knowledge. And have lot’s of fun while playing against the other teams or the organization.

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