Security Training & Workshops

Security training is necessary and is always tailor-made. Research shows that more than 89% of all hacked organisations are partly caused by ignorance and incorrect actions of own employees. People click on links in Phishing mails, lose mobile devices and share information with unauthorised people. In addition, employees are often unaware of their role in the area of ​​security in the organisation. This is still regulated by IT? We are already protected by firewalls and antivirus scanners?

Security awareness training & workshops

In the Security Awareness workshop your employees will experience in a short session what consequences their actions may have. The IT department makes it possible to achieve everything in the Cloud. But also that you can always work online, preferably on their own device. But does everyone consciously deal with these freedoms? What consequences can the carelessness of your employees have? Is their laptop, phone or tablet sufficiently protected? Are there no programs that can have major consequences for your organisation?

89% of the hacked organisations started with the employee

Studies have shown that one of the most important elements in reducing cyber risk is the human factor. More than the technical and innovative solutions for security, having conscious employees will therefore be a drastic improvement of the cybersecurity of any organisation. Of all the recent security incidents, in which organisations were hacked, the human factor was one of the most important starting points of the hack.
Human errors consist of unsafe behaviour, ignorance and ignoring or circumventing existing security policies. This is not always done with bad intentions. It is mainly due to not being aware of the possible consequences that can result from unsafe behaviour. Of all possible cybersecurity measures, the human factor is therefore the cheapest and easiest to improve.

When you participate in a workshop in a class form you have a lot of interaction. As a result, you learn from each other. This way the teaching material gets more meaning. Especially because examples from our own practice are often used.