Phishing simulation is not only support, it also provides input to your security awareness program. Cyber criminals focus more and more on employees with phishing, spam and social engineering attacks. More than 90% of ransomware attacks are delivered via this type of e-mail message.

Phishing scam

The phishing of own employees is extremely important as a means to keep your organisation alert

85% of organizations have fallen victim to a phishing attack Two thirds of the cases were phishing aimed at a specific employee In 2016, more than 30% of phishing emails were opened Phishing emails are often indistinguishable from real.

Time is money for cyber criminals. They go for the simplest victims: your employees. Having everyone follow the security awareness training once a year is not enough. Your employees must always be on their guard, not just immediately after training. “Phishing” your own employees is therefore extremely important as support for these training courses. The percentage of employees who click on a phishing email is often much higher than expected (and hoped).

The financial and reputation damage caused by phishing can be enormous

The financial and reputation damage can be huge, because criminals steal money or carry out transactions with the data. But also consider malware (eg ransomware) which makes your computers unusable or valuable data unavailable, with high recovery costs as a result.

De phishing simulation

Cyber Inc. simulates essential and advanced phishing attacks to identify weaknesses in your organisation’s security awareness. We teach employees how to recognise and respond to phishing emails. We believe that testing your employees with simulated phishing attacks is only part of a general security awareness program. With our Phishing Test we make it easy to measure the level of knowledge and progress of your employees with regard to phishing. Our phishing test has hundreds of examples of simulations on 3 levels. These have again divided into 3 different types of attacks. And based on predetermined rules, we can create customised phishing emails with the same ease. This allows us to improve the level in steps.