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The most flexible security awareness platform.

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Protect your organization against cyber threats with a human factor!

Combine the 2LRN4 security awareness platform with Keeper Password Management.

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Do you want to reduce security and privacy risks due to human error? We are ready to help you implement your privacy and security awareness program.

2LRN4 is a flexible, easy-to-use learning management platform (LMS), intended to help organizations improve their privacy and security awareness. The platform has been developed in such a way that an organization can configure and manage everything itself, but that is not necessary. The platform is delivered including courses and is configured in such a way that adjustments are minimal.

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The most flexible way to make your organization risk-aware. Discover the options and functions.


Extensive security awareness platform for companies, with storytelling videos, to the point e-learning modules, tests and reporting.

27 Languages Available

All European languages are available in spoken, subtitled, and written forms.

Custom Content

Make courses relevant by adding custom content or linking via SharePoint.

150+ modules

Each course consists of videos, microlearnings, e-learnings, and assessments.

Azure Synchronization

Employees automatically gain access to the appropriate courses.

API Integration

Seamless access to crucial user data in other systems

Single Sign-On

With SSO Connect, you can easily add Keeper to the apps your IdP services provide.


Send phishing simulations to employees, departments, or the entire organization.


With gamification you can motivate employees to do more activities and come back to the platform.

User centric online courses

We offer a new course every month. So if you have an annual subscription, you get 12 different courses. After two years: 24, after three years: 36 courses.(150+ modules)

A course always starts with a video about a well-known business or private situation, after which the theory is explained in an e-learning module. This always ends with a summary including tips. The e-learning is of course tested in a challenge. So you get a minimum of 24 video clips, 12 e-learning modules and 12 tests per year. All course modules are available in multiple languages and with subtitles, so that employees with a visual and/or hearing impairment and employees in open office spaces, etc. can follow the e-learning.

We also create custom courses to make it even more relevant for your organization. For example, as onboarding or a course especially for management or the board.

Storytelling Video's

we believe in the power of storytelling to educate and empower employees about security risks in both their private and professional lives.

Our platform offers engaging and informative storytelling videos that delve deep into the cybersecurity risks, helping employees to understand the threats that lurk in the digital landscape. That is why we show security and privacy risks with a human factor in both their personal and professional life. With the increasing prevalence of digital threats, it's crucial to stay informed and vigilant to protect yourself and your organization from potential risks.

Adding your own content

In today’s digital world, relevance is everything. That’s why we empower you to customize your content with webinars, surveys, tests, videos, SharePoint docs, and PDFs.

Because when training materials are tailored to your employees needs, they’re more engaging and effective. By addressing specific challenges, you empower your employees to be proactive defenders of your organization’s assets. And at the same time meeting your compliance goals.

So whether it’s a video on phishing tactics, a webinar on data protection, or your information security policy, 2lrn4 helps you keep security top of mind.

Seamless integration

The 2lrn4 security awareness platform is designed to seamlessly integrate with Microsoft Azure, providing you with unparalleled efficiency and security.

Our platform effortlessly synchronizes with Microsoft Azure, ensuring seamless user management and facilitating single sign-on capabilities with SAML2 authentication. Need to connect with other systems? No problem. Our GET API allows you to easily integrate 2lrn4 with the tools and platforms you rely on, ensuring you have access to the data you need, where you need it.