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The centrally managed phishing training for your employees.

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Stay one step ahead by training your staff to recognize phishing attacks.

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Have you ever wondered how resilient your organization is against phishing attacks from cybercriminals? With our phishing simulation services you can now discover this in an interactive way.

During the demo, we'll walk you through using the admin console to manage your environment. We show how you can select and schedule phinging campaigns. And what information you can get from the report. It is also possible to create phishing campaigns yourself.




The easiest way to train employees to recognize phishing attacks.


A phishing simulation platform for companies with template library, customization options and reporting.

Campaign Creation

Create customized phishing campaigns tailored to your organization's needs, including designing phishing emails, landing pages, and other attack vectors.

Template Library

Choose form our pre-built phishing email templates mimicking common phishing scenarios, such as fake password reset requests, urgent messages from executives, or bogus package delivery notifications.

Customization Options

Customize various aspects of the phishing emails and landing pages to make them more convincing and relevant to their organization's context.

Recipient Targeting

Target specific groups or individuals within your organization to simulate real-world attack scenarios accurately.

Reporting and Analytics

Detailed reports and analytics are provided after each simulation campaign, including metrics like click rates, submission of credentials, and overall user susceptibility to phishing attacks.

Automated Follow-Up

Automated follow-up actions can be triggered based on user interactions with phishing emails, such as sending educational materials to individuals who clicked on phishing links.

Integration with 2LRN4

Integration with the 2LRN4 seurity awareness platform allows for a more holistic approach to cybersecurity education.

Training Modules

Integrated training modules to educate employees about phishing awareness, recognizing phishing attempts, and best practices for handling suspicious emails.

Keeper Password Management

The centrally managed password manager for businesses.

Protect your employees from cyber threats with zero-trust Enterprise Password Management